Secret Service’s Needs Badass Director (VIDEO)

A misguided and seriously mentally ill man with a serrated knife invaded the White House this week, a place that is sacred and sacrosanct. I feel betrayed by this event, but not by the man. No I feel betrayed by the Secret Service, which has badly failed our president. The White House is surrounded by layers and layers of protection. But an unbalanced man went through them like a hot knife through butter.

Watch Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) chairman of the Oversight Panel’s Subcommittee On National Security, come down hard on Julia Pierson, Director of the Secret Service:

How could this happen when we know there are so many dedicated Secret Service people? If it were not for them whistle-blowing, we may not have learned about the erosion until disaster struck. These Secret Service people remember how stellar their institution used to be and have risked their careers in an attempt to bring it back.

Although the president and his daughters were gone, they left only about 10 minutes prior to the break-in. And the consequences of what could have been are horrendous. The six has rings of defense failed one after another.

  1. A plainclothes surveillance team outside the fence missed him
  2. An officer in a guard booth on the north lawn couldn’t reach Gonzalez in time
  3. A Belgian Malinois dog trained to hit an intruder like a canine missile was not released
  4. A heavily armed SWAT team roaming the White House grounds was elsewhere
  5. The guard directly placed outside the front door was not there for unknown reasons
  6. A plainclothes agent inside of the door was surprised

According to a law enforcement official briefed on the current investigation,

At all times there is supposed to be someone at the outside and the inside of the door. The intruder was running so fast that he gets right past the woman who didn’t lock the door. She tries to catch him, and eventually she and another officer tackle the man to the ground, but by that time he was pretty far in.

The front door of the White House was unlocked. The emergency alarm box (crash boxes) was muted. And if it were not for an off-duty Secret Service guard, we do not know what would have happened.

Chaffetz called an emergency meeting to find out why the rings of defense failed. They looked to Pierson for answers.

On C-Span Tuesday Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) Minority Leader of the committee asked about the Secret Service culture,

Secret Service agents don’t feel comfortable sharing information, so how do you get information you need to address concerns (in an internal review)? More people are willing to be whistle blowers and talk to members of committee, tell things they don’t discuss with higher-ups. It’s because they are afraid, thought nobody will listen to them.

The Washington Post reporter who broke this story, Loennig, says,

Now the Secret Service Director is a political appointee. Not bada## who can say, ‘It’s not safe, Sir. We’re not going to do that.

We’re waiting.