Watch Video Footage Of Secret Service Doing A Take-Down Right (VIDEO)

The Secret Service is sick. First we find out that this Gonzalez guy got into the White House carrying a serrated knife, but the guards took him down in the entry hall. Then we find out that no, this severely mentally ill man ran through half of the White House. Then we find out that while the President was in Atlanta at the Center for Disease Control (CDC), he took an elevator along with an unvetted contract security man who was carrying a gun.

Watch how Secret Service dealt with a fence jumper just eight years ago:

Now check out what happened at the White House just this past week:

Quite a difference, isn’t there?

The advance team from Secret Service had never met this security man. Yet their job was to vet everyone who would come into contact with the president, then go over his route over and over until it was down pat. The contract security man was annoying the president by taking pictures in the elevator. It was totally unprofessional. The guy’s boss fired him on the spot, but only then did they find out he was also carrying that gun.

As Rachel Maddow points out, neither of these guys are real geniuses or working with a group of people or executing a complicated plot. Neither act was hard to pull off.

“This is (neither incident) not supposed to happen. What’s wrong with Secret Service? Has this always happened before? Or is something wrong? Is this a new or an old problem? How can it be fixed?”

Next we find out this week that in November of 2011, a gunman fired seven shots into the White House using a Romanian knock-off AK-47. The man was parked six football fields (700 yards) away from the White House.

The Secret Service agents on duty responded perfectly: the roof sniper, two roaming Secret Security agents close enough to smell the gun powder, and an agent outside the White House. And they reported the shooting up the ladder. But then, nada.

Four days later a housekeeper inside the White House found a chunk of concrete and a broken window. Four days! Finally Secret Service put out an APB and caught the guy in one day. The court tried him for attempted assassination of the President and sentenced him to 25 years in prison.

The Secret Service has a pattern of dysfunction.

  • 2011 — 7 shots fired into the White House from 700 yards away

  • 2012 — Drinking and prostitution scandal on overseas trips

  • 2013 — Drinking and sexual misconduct scandal on overseas trip

  • 2014 — Gonzalez stormed the White House

In addition, there were 16 separate cases of people scaling the White House fence in the last five years.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), chairman of the Oversight Panel’s Subcommittee On National Security, called an emergency meeting to find out why the many rings of defense failed. They looked to Julia Pierson, Secret Service Director for answers.

On C-Span Tuesday Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) Minority Leader of the committee asked about the Secret Service culture,

Secret Service agents don’t feel comfortable sharing information, so how do you get information you need to address concerns (in an internal review)? More people are willing to be whistle blowers and talk to members of committee, tell things they don’t discuss with higher-ups. 

Authorities say that Gonzalez said he wanted to,

“Warn President Obama that the ‘atmosphere was collapsing.’”

And as our confidence in the Secret Service collapses, let’s hope that something far better comes from the change.