Williamson Agitates Conservatives To Hang Women Who Have Abortions (VIDEO)

Women who have an abortion should be executed by hanging. What terrible words. Yet Kevin Williamson, conservative National Review writer, said them in a Twitter exchange with Charles Johnson founder of liberal Little Green Footballs. Soon others piled on. But Williamson did not stop there. He thinks it is fine to kill all of the doctors who perform abortions and what the heck, let’s throw in all the pro-life politicians. About the doctors, nurses and hospital staff he tweeted,

“Yes. If I had my way, the law would address the entire criminal architecture.”

I live in Kansas where Dr. George Tiller continued with his clinic even after protesters bombed his clinic in 1986, after an attempt on his life in 1993 when the gunman shot Dr. Tiller in both arms. Then in 1996 Scott Roeder shot Dr. Tiller to death while he was attending church. At his trial Roeder was convicted of first-degree murder and given an enhanced sentence of 50 years. But he kept insisting that what he did was necessary,

“I did what I thought was needed to be done to protect the children. I shot him.”

The clinic closed. Many were afraid it would never reopen. But at last it has. South Wind Women’s Center opened in the very same building where Tiller’s clinic was. The new doctor worked for Tiller for seven years. Her clinic now offers abortion care for pregnancies, but only those less than 22 weeks along.

Here is broadcaster Brit Hume coming down hard on abortions

Several years ago a young woman asked me to go with her when she had an abortion. From the way these rhetoric-ropers talk, you would expect balloons, party hats and dancing on the tables. But that waiting room was one of the saddest places I have ever been. I noticed that the young women were anxious, tense, quiet. Their boyfriends sat there, too, trying to cheer them. But the moment the nurse called a name and she disappeared through the door, the man switched over to profound gloom.

There is something very frightening about the people, men and women, who line the sidewalk and driveways jeering, crowding and condemning all with the macabre glee I imagine “witch” burners expressed. Phil Kline former Attorney General of Kansas confiscated some of the medical records from those clinics and transported them to the Bill O’Reilly’s show. It was a case of zeal gone bad.

But Williamson and his unchristian-like brothers are more dangerous. Their fervent wishes for murder go out to all the readers of mainstream conservative publications and across the airwaves. The conservative fringe is unraveling under the directives of media’s careless wordsmiths.

It may surprise these people, but Roe V. Wade is a law. It is a long-established law for the right to a “safe and legal abortion.” But states have sliced away at the law until there is little meat on the bone, hacking away with waiting periods, sonograms, parental notification and operating restrictions. Texas is a good example of chewing up the law. Tonight the Rachel Maddow Show reported that 12 clinics will close, leaving only eight clinics left to serve that entire huge state. There are no clinics in west Texas.

I cannot understand the thinking that fights so hard for “the life of the unborn,” yet feels justified shooting abortion doctors, bombing clinic staff and letting a mother die during pregnancy. I don’t understand how people want to do away with sex education and birth control, but they are hyper-allergic to WIC which provides milk and cheese to desperately poor mothers of infants and small children. And how can those who want the government out of their lives feel hunky-dory telling a woman how to manage her own reproductive organs, to the point of an extremely invasive sonograms that can’t help but remind us of a medical rape?

But Williamson, how about some exceptions? You know like for rape or the mother’s life? No. Nope. And no-way. Well what if it was his wife? What if she had an abortion or was pregnant and dangerously ill? A big silent, “No comment.” Words do have consequences. And it occurs to me that there should be no-nonsense consequences for those who incite people to violent criminal action.