FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted Cop Killer On The Run

Survivalist Eric Frein (31) has eluded the police for nearly a month after he shot and killed a Pennsylvania state trooper and wounded another. During the intensive manhunt, police believed they were closing in on him, but Frein has managed to evade them.

Frein is on the FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted list, and police have charged him with “possession of weapons of mass destruction.”

  Read Early Report On Manhunt:

About two weeks ago police found Frein’s letter detailing the murder in frightening detail and “two pipe bombs resembling hand grenades” that Frein left behind at a deep woods campsite.

“I took a shot at him. He dropped … I was surprised how quick. He was still and quiet after.

“Another cop approached the one I just shot. As he went to kneel, I took a shot at him … His legs were visible and still.”

Deep Woods Work To Killer’s Advantage

Deep Woods Hideout. Photo Credit Courtesy of Snežana Trifunović GNU Free Documentation License.Free Software Foundation

Deep Woods Hideout.
Photo Credit Courtesy of Snežana Trifunović GNU Free Documentation License.Free Software Foundation

According to CNN, Frein described how he evaded police checkpoints in the letter. ABC reported that authorities are “unsure if the letter was left on purpose or by accident.” They are not certain when the letter was written or why the survivalist killed Cpl.  Bryon K. Dickson II (38) and wounded Trooper Alex T. Douglass (31). The state police did not comment on the networks’ reports.

In an email state police spokesman Trooper Tom Kelly sent a statement Monday,

“I am not commenting on evidence found unless it poses a threat to the community. I understand some networks are reporting information obtained through sources. This is the only official source and I cannot confirm anything reported by ‘sources.'”

The campsite also contained stashes of “food, ammunition, clothing and other supplies” plus “an AK-47 and empty Serbian cigarette” packs.

At a news conference Lt. Col. George Bivens who is with the Pennsylvania State Police read several paragraphs from the letter. He said that they proved  “true evil” exists.

The letter admits that after the shooting things went badly for Frein. Police immediately found his parents’ jeep that he wrecked in a pond.

“Hearing helos, I just used my marker lights, missed the trail around a run-off pool and drove straight into it. Disaster!”

Police also found “bomb-making materials, including steel pipes, black powder” in his parents’ home which he shared.

Police believe they have spotted Frein several times, but the thick woods favor the killer’s escape. He also tried to call his parents once. The Times-Tribune reported a cabin break-in. State police think that Frein might have been seeking shelter.

Frein, who is considered armed and dangerous, remains a fugitive.

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