Sarah Silverman Is Giving You A Check For $435,000. True.

We are getting a check for $435,000 from comedian Sarah Silverman, that is if you are a woman. Of course Silverman needs to raise  $29,811,746,430,000  trillion first. But the woman has conviction, so I’m waiting for my share of the money.

And you just have to see her video. It is hysterical. But first: Warning. Mature Content.

What is this all about? Silverman is mad about what she calls the $500,000 vagina tax. Don’t you love it? I do, even if I’m not sure what she is talking about doing. Silverman explains to us that each woman over her lifetime loses half a million in wages just for being a woman. Woah.

I’m getting mad, too. When I hear we make $.22 less per dollar, it doesn’t sound so bad. Pennies on the dollar. But half a million dollars is something else.  Silverman has started the Equal Payback Project. As part of that she produced a PSA-type video aided by the the National Women’s Law Center. So far about 400,000 people have looked at it since it premiered on YouTube Oct. 8.

So what will the comedian do with all the money she raises if she doesn’t make it to $29 trillion? She will donate it to the National Women’s Law Center, because that organization is working on the Paycheck Fairness Act. The act lets us talk about our salaries – you know, the conversation that can get us fired, — and it makes it illegal for employers to punish us for talking.

The act has been blocked several times by a Republican filibusters. Figures. So Silverman has taken it to us. And she has already raised $68,000. Not bad. I have to admit I’m blown away by this amazing effort. Thank you, Sarah Silverman.