URGENT REPORT UPDATE: Dr. Lee Norman Of KU Medical Center’s Press Conference

UPDATE TO URGENT REPORT. In a press conference, Dr. Lee Norman, VP and Chief Medical Officer of Kansas University Medical Center (UMKC) stated,

“The staff is wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). A six-member staff is taking care the patient. It is a special unit with special air-handling, no patients on the unit, no cross traffic. One other thing with everyone with protective gear, we have a spotter to watch every movement of everything taken on and off.

Kansas University Medical Center. Photo Credit: Courtesy Of KU Medical Center, Kansas City, KS.

Kansas University Medical Center.
Photo Credit: Courtesy Of KU Medical Center Kansas City, KS.

“He was very weak, so we gave him IV fluids to rehydrate. There is no evidence of hemorrhaging. He does have diarrhea and vomiting. We have everything we need to keep the staff safe. The gentleman is getting his strength back. We hope to get the blood test sample back by 5:00 pm tomorrow. If it’s Ebola, we have caught it very early. I’m hopeful he doesn’t have Ebola. He may have typhoid fever.”

Note: Dr. Norman said the patient does not have a temperature as was earlier reported.


Additional information regarding the patient with Ebola-like symptoms, including a temperature of 103 degrees who entered Kansas University Medical Center in Kansas City, KS. The patient has recently returned from a health care ship off west Africa.

The patient has been graded a low-to-moderate risk for Ebola. The sick person has been isolated in an area with no patients. The staff is following strict guidelines to care for the patient and will not treat other patients until deemed no risk to others.

The bedding and medical waste have also been isolated and kept separate from other patients’. Source: 41 News, NBC Affiliate.More updates to follow as news comes into the newsroom.