Mini-Opinion: Get Your Message Straight, Mr. President

Okay Mr. President, I voted for you. I stood up for you. But I’m getting really tired of your poor messaging. It is sad really. You could have the best communicators in the country. You could even have me! But no. The leader of the free world starts and stumbles and then comes to the inevitable spread-eagle spill. We knew it would happen. We’ve seen it before…over and over and over and…

Photo Credit: Courtesy Of Robbert van der Steeg CC Creative Commons.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Of Robert van der Steeg CC Creative Commons.

The President says: Catching Ebola is harder than Gloria catching a professional baseball with her eyes shut. Well the big guy’s right about that. I promise you, they would be shut. Okay if you say Ebola is impossible to catch, I’ll go along with you, Mr. President.

But as soon as I say that, two nurses come down with a raging case of, that’s right, Ebola. Well it looks as if you can catch this really bad disease. But then all the President’s men say you have to get really physical with a very sick Ebola patient – exchange body fluids to catch it. Okay that’s not likely. Whew! But then the President says: Oh didn’t we mention that sweat counts as body fluids? Um, no.

Mr. President, just the facts. It is all we want. But if you can’t do that, just hire me. Please.

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