Good Morning, You’re Fired

She came to work. It was like any other day. Her job was to fill the world with music. She loved her job and put in as many hours as her boss. But coffee in hand, my young friend was handed her pink slip…a misnomer. There was nothing pretty in a pink way. She had two hours to pack up four years of her work life, under the careful watch of the guard, and get out of the building. images

Her work family threw her out onto the curb. Hard. And that is wrong. So wrong.

Work is an important part of who we are. The people we work with become part of our employment family. My friend was cast out of her family and humiliated. Why the guard? What did they think she was going to do? Write a song in two hours and take it with her? 

How Stable Is Your Job? Credit: Public Domain

How Stable Is Your Job?
Credit: Public Domain

Losing a job tilts the foundation of our world. One moment we are productive members of society with a good annual review. The next moment we feel like nothing. “Unemployed” has become a curse word. Then we are cursed with no $.

And the jobs are just not there. Our government counts people who work three part-time jobs as full-time. But they aren’t. They are a too-fast-moving merry-go-round. No benefits. No security. Not enough $. Corporations lay off excellent employees then hire them back as contractors through glorified meat markets. And in order for these middle-men to make a profit, they cut away at the employee’s wages. So what do we do?

  1. First we do not trust corporations. They totally miss the value of their greatest asset – us.
  2. We do not fall into the illusion that there is job security.
  3. We save as much as possible, because it takes a long time to find a replacement job.
  4. We place the blame where it belongs – on the company. Even though they canned us, they said we were doing a great job.
  5. And we go to work for smaller companies closer to home.
  6. Or we can find a part-time jobs doing something we love. It could turn into a full-time job.
  7. And we can write to our Senators and Representatives to ask for more infrastructure jobs.

There is more, but at least this is a beginning.