1984. Why Our Country Was Great Before President Reagan.

Okay. Today is the last day that I accept the squeezing of the US citizens by corporations. We used to be great. And we can be great again. So I am kicking off this day by declaring that we return to life before Mr. Trickle-Down Reagan (president):

Has 1984 Come True?Photo Credit: Jordan L'Hote CC

Has 1984 Come True? Photo Credit: Jordan L’Hote CC

  • People should work a 40-hour work week.
  • People should not be on call for work 24/7.
  • People should not need to take work home or accept work phone calls
  • Corporations should give employees holidays off.
  • Parents should be able to go to their children’s’ school events during the day.
  • Both mothers and fathers should get time off for the birth of a child.
  • Corporations should have well-run day cares for children and elderly parents.
  • People should be paid comparably to what salaries were 30 years ago. For example if I made $20,000 in 1980, I should earn $58,000 now with full benefits. If I made $30,000 in 1980, I should get 86,000 now. Minimum wage should be no less than $10.000 an hour, but tied to the cost of living. 
  • There should be honor in doing a job well.
  • Companies should treat employees as valuable commodities.

This is the beginning.