Mini-Opinion: Homeless Empowered By Their Own Tiny Homes

How do people survive in below-zero weather when they live outside? What happens to tent cities when torrential rains flood their makeshift homes? More importantly, how can we allow our fellow man and woman and children to live this way?

A Shelter In A Storm. Credit: Tammy Strobal, CC 2.0

But what is the solution? It is simple: Tiny Homes. Yes they are small, 99 square feet on up. The 99-footer homes cost $5,000 to build. Compare that to the cost in manpower and facilities to jail a homeless person? Once, twice, thrice? Suddenly $5000 does not look like much of an investment.

Credit: Inhabitat

Architect’s 197′ Tiny House.Credit: Inhabitat

And imagine how wonderful it is to receive warmth, shelter and a toilet! Try living without these if you want a real life experience. That which we take for granted very soon becomes precious. 

Credit: Vancouver Mini-Homes. Witold Rybczynski’s

What are these tiny homes like? Efficient! Each inch is carefully planned to accommodate a mini-kitchen and mini-bathroom. The bedroom is in a loft. There is a living room with furniture that transforms into a bed or storage. These little homes are wonders of architecture that many seniors are considering, too. And there is also a live simply movement that embraces tiny homes.

Credit: Triple Pundit

Tiny Home Village. Credit: Triple Pundit

And imagine if these were not just a temporary living space, but an owned home? Suddenly there is a real shift in attitude. Ownership brings a different and better perspective. People plant roses or sit on their porches greeting their neighbors. Ownership brings community where people help one another, become involved in planning and a live new life! Let’s do it!

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