5 Top Stories In Less Than 5 Minutes. Wednesday, December 17th

Want To Lose Weight? Breathe In, Breathe Out

Lose Weight. Credit: Andrew Levine

Lose Weight. Credit: Andrew Levine

This is really cool. Do you know what happens to the fat you lose? Where does it go? I thought it left in the bathroom visits (#1). And that is true, to a certain extent. Some people think it transforms into energy. Guess again.

The fat we burn up turns into carbon dioxide, and it leaves when we exhale! Isn’t that amazing?

But authors of the study still said: Eat less. Exercise more. Sure that helps a lot of people, but not everyone by any means. “Eat less, Exercise more,” sounds too cute by far, and actually it is condescending. Losing weight is a very complicated subject. And sometimes it just isn’t your fault.

I saw a bariatric (weight loss) doctor, and I exercised an hour a day in the pool, never cheated even once for a month and still gained 17 pounds. I thought he would yell at me. When he said it wasn’t my fault, I cried.

Kiddie Movies Violent

Kiddie Movies. Photo Credit: Jennifer Longaway CC 2.0

Kiddie Movies. Photo Credit: Jennifer Longaway CC 2.0

So a barracuda eats Nemo’s mom. She dies. But is that considered murder? Hard to say. But when Bambi’s mom gets shot, that is definitely murder. No big deal…or is it?

Why are the main kiddie movie characters twice as likely to die as in the other movies – and three times more likely to get murdered? About his study Dr. James Kirkbride says:

 “Rather than being innocuous and gentler alternatives to typical horror or drama films, children’s animated films are, in fact, hotbeds of murder and mayhem,” and “rife with death and destruction.”.

Snow White’s stepmother was chased by seven angry dwarves, struck by lightning, forced off of a cliff and finally crushed by a boulder. Another character is murdered by an uncle. And let’s just say it had something to do with a stampeding wild beast or two. Another got thrown into a jet engine.

So maybe movies and home movies are not good for kids after all?

Sen. Ted Cruz In Big Trouble

Cruz Is So Sorry. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore, CC 2.0.

Cruz Is So Sorry. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore, CC 2.0.

Firebrand Senator Ted Cruz apologized for U.S. spending bill ruckus

Oops. Sen.Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is in big trouble with his fellow Republicans. You see one of his cute little games backfired. He almost got the government shut down. So he apologized to his buds, sort of. He said he was sorry “for inconveniencing their personal schedules” (making them work last weekend). But he still thinks the government should deport millions of illegal immigrants – hard and fast.

We didn’t get to see him apologize, although I would have enjoyed that, because it was a close-door lunch. His Republican senators said he was sorry and tried to explain away what he had done.

But sorry just doesn’t undo the damage. After months and months of limbo, almost two dozen of the President’s nominees slipped under the Republican block and ran toward home – so to speak.

Need Your Valet? Ask The Black Guy In The Suit Named Obama

High-Level Racism. Image Credit: Pixabay.

High-Level Racism. Image Credit: Pixabay.

A man walked up to President Obama and handed him his car keys. No it wasn’t a present. And actually it was before he became the president. The reason the guy gave his keys to a stranger outside of a restaurant is that he thought the president was the valet.


But that isn’t all. In his pre-president state, he couldn’t get a cab to pull over. One time a guest at a black-tie party thought he was the waiter. That’s rude. That’s stupid. And it tells us that racism runs in a strong current, just beneath the surface.

But we can do something about it. We can be aware of our own actions. We can speak against racism when we see it happen. Yes that embarrasses people. And they deserve it. Finally we can protest when racism kills. A father should be able to buy an air gun in a store in these “open carry” days. A child should be able to play in a park. No one should die.

Cuba Lets U.S. Man Go Free After 5 Years

Cuba Releases Man. Photo Credit: Jon Crel CC 2.0

Cuba Releases Man. Photo Credit: Jon Crel CC 2.0

Did you know that you could go to jail if you’re a sub-contractor from the US in Cuba? I didn’t, not until Alan Gross (65) who spent five years of his 15-year-sentence in jail was released. But he looked pretty good, and he still speaks fondly of the Cuban people.

“In no way are they responsible for the ordeal to which my family and I have been subjected. (Most are) “incredibly kind, generous and talented.”

Cuba says that the U.S. Agency for International Development, where Goss subcontracted, is illegal and tries to undermine their government. Who knew?