Airport Employee Strips In Protest, Video Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Airport Worker Strips In Protest Credit:

Georgy Myakinkin, a 31-year-old airport employee in St. Petersburg, Russia, was totally fed up after finishing a recent workday. At the end of what was probably a really bad shift, Mayakinkin headed home before he realized he forgot his keys.

When he went back, a ham-fisted airport security guard stopped him. And it seems Myakinkin was on his last nerve.

Myakinkin told about his frustrating episode at the airport:

“I returned back to the airport and was just in the section where trains arrive with passengers when I was stopped and asked to remove my belt before going through a scanner.

“I know the rules and I know that it isn’t necessary here in the pre-flight area to be so strict, and security guards were just being heavy-handed.”

For Myakinkin, that was more than he could endure. He just stripped down to what nature gave him in protest of the ham-fisted security guards. Then he gave them one more view. And the video went viral.

“When I refused and told them I wanted to just get my keys, they called police. I know that they just leaked it in order to embarrass me, but I will have the last laugh.”

Here is what happened to him:

I can understand how he felt. On a trip to Greece with my daughter, I watched as the airport security guy pawed through our dirty underwear. I was travel weary and highly irritable, and this was before 2001 drowned us in the U.S.’s erratic attempts at security.

The Greek security guard checked the heels of our shoes and tubes of toothpaste. And I admit I was impatient and ill-humored. But I managed to stay clothed.

Thank you, Georgy Myakinkin, for making the ultimate protest. Now I won’t have to do it. Whew!


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