Hysterical Parody Becomes New Kansas Anthem (VIDEO)

By Gloria Christie on February 13, 2015

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Crowson Sings Kansas Anthem. Photo courtesy of http://www.artspartnerswichita.org/search.php?sp=artist&id=9
I live in Brownbackistan, and since I am loyal to the land where my ancestors toiled, I will stay here. Fortunately, we have a new theme song, A Kansan In Brownbackistan, to tide us through the coming Brownback years.
Activist-singer Richard Crowson gave the first performance of his tongue-in-cheek song live on the radio. He did it in lieu of his regular commentary on KMUW – Wichita Public Radio. Crowson is also the Sunday political cartoonist for the Wichita Eagle.So here are the five things that Crowson highlights in his funny, funny tune:

1. Brownback Is In Everyone’s Bed

The governor wants laws to make it hard to get a divorce. And he can fire LGBT people now, because he thinks these acts will help compensate for lost money. His great no-tax experiment failed – big time, and he is looking for loose change under every bed.

But we’ll get by, because we are Dodge-City-wild-west fertile thinkers. Kansans invented the helicopter, the game of basketball, Chrysler cars, and the now semi-planet Pluto.

2. The Gov Put The Economy In The Root Cellar

All of us living in Brownbackistan know that Kansas is a state in trouble. Big trouble. Our credit rating has gone through the floor and into the root cellar. Thank you, Governor Brownback.

But we’ll get by, because we are of the soil that gave birth to Nathan Darrow (actor – House Of Cards), Annette Bening (actor – The Grifters), Eric Stonestreet (actor All In The Family), and Melissa Etheridge (musician and singer.)

3. Brownback Is Trying To Go Stupid

The largest teachers’ union in the state sued to overturn a law that got rid of tenure. Now, 300 teachers can opt for early retirement at 60 percent salary for the next five years. That is in my school district alone where class size can only expect to increase.

But we’ll get by, because we are smart. Kansas birthed the first African-American woman to win a Pulitzer Prize for Poetry (Gwendolyn Brooks), WWII genius and President Dwight Eisenhower, andLittle House On The Prairie author Laura Ingalls Wilder.

4. Blame Obama Or The Piano – It Isn’t The Gov’s Fault

In Brownbackistan, the governor is never to blame. It is always the fault of Obama, the judge, or the piano.

But we’ll get by, because we are determined, like Kansans Wilt-The-Stilt Chamberlain (basketball),Amelia Earhart (the famous pilot), and Maurice Green (fast man on earth in 2000.)

5. This Tune Is Way Too Funny To Miss

Kansan song-writer Richard Crowson, using the tune from Merle Haggard’s “Okie from Muskogee” has created a parody that tells the story of what Kansas is now. So let’s sing our new Kansas anthem all together. And maybe the time will pass faster.

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