11-Year-Old Shot By Man With B-B Gun, Ends Up In Pediatrics Hospital (VIDEO)

What on earth was this 31-year-old guy thinking when he shot an 11-year-old boyin the chest with an airsoft B-B gun Sunday? Did he imagine that B-B guns are harmless? Many people think they are children’s toys, but they are not.

Steel BBs Coated With Copper And  Zinc. Courtesy Of Hustvedt. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BB_gun#/media/File:BB_copper_and_nickel_plated.jpg

Boy Flown To Pediatrics Hospital

Clearly Albert Clark of McKeesport, Penn., was wrong, because the boy he shot collapsed complaining he couldn?t breathe. KDKA reported that the child was transported to the hospital but had to be flown to pediatrics hospital for specialized treatment.

The miniature missile lodged in the boy’s heart?KDKA reported, and he was listed in critical condition. ?By Monday morning the boy had improved, and doctors now say he will recover.

B-B Gun Shooting

A witness said that Clark was very angry and shot the preteen on a playground in retaliation the day after the kid shot Clark’s five-year-old son with a B-B gun.

The man?s fianc?e, who only wanted to be identified as “Nicole,“?spoke about the incident Monday morning:

?I just would want people to know that I?m not excusing any behavior, wrong is wrong, and as a mother I definitely am very sorry.?

Pittsburgh?s Action News 4?reported that the woman claimed the 11-year-old, along with several other boys, had robbed her home the week prior to the incident.

The Outcome

Nicole described Clark as a “good guy” who is a “good father,” saying he had no criminal record prior to this event. She went on to express sympathy for the injured boy,

?The outcome of it is terrible and I feel very bad and I pray to god that he?s going to be OK.”

Police arrested Clark at the playground, and he wasarraigned Monday morning on charges of aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person, and tampering with evidence. ?His bail was set at $250,000.

Watch the b-b gun shooting video:

VIDEO:?Watch Beau Berman’s report

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