3 Teen Girls Raped During 2015 By NYPD Officers, Criminal Lawyers Busy

Teenage girls in New York need to be wary. What on earth is going on with the New York Police Department? This is the third police officer charged with numerous counts of rape and sexual assaults on teen girls throughout the city. They are keeping the criminal lawyers busy, and that is tragic.

3 Girls Raped By NYPD - Need Their Criminal Lawyers

NYPD Officer Doseau

others and fathers watch your children on the internet. The last officer was charged just last Wednesday. Joel Doseau (43) allegedly met a 14-year-old girl on the internet. He told her that he was half his actual age (37) at the time of the incident.

Doseau followed the traditional path of abusers: first wooing her, then escalating the affair. He started with talk and chats, and the young teen believed him. When he asked her to send him nude pictures, she did. He returned the favor. By this time, she was caught in his web.

Officer Doseau was charged with over 40 counts related to the sexual assault on the teenager.

NYPD Officer Sosa

One arrest was bad enough, but a second officer was charged in March with the rape of a 16-year-old girl. The 38-year-old Vladimir Sosa was also a minister of a church in the Bronx, which is where he assaulted her. Nice guy, huh?

Sosa was arrested and charged with rape plus additional charges related to his sexual attacks on the teen. The Bronx 46th Precinct officer committed his crime against the girl in the 43rd Precinct.

NYPD Sergeant Krull

NYPD Sergeant Vladimir Krull was arrested in February after raping a 13-year-old girl. According to CBS New York, Krull was charged with:

“Two counts of rape, two counts of criminal sex act, two counts of sexual misconduct, forcible touching, endangering the welfare of a child, and sex abuse. The victim is reportedly the daughter of a woman Krull knows…Police believe the abuse has been ongoing for some time.”

Criminal Lawyers Busy

In a year when the police sorely need to regain the public’s support, multiple sexual attacks against vulnerable girls shoot it to smithereens. Certainly, most police officers are good people. But they would do well to better police their coworkers.

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