3-Year-Old Left Behind After Family Stopped To Rest-Definition Of Bad Trip

All But 1 Left After Rest-Definition Of Bad Parenting

1 Left After They Stopped To Rest-Definition Of Bad Parents. BriYYZ.

A family on their way to vacation in Southern France seemed to have misplaced its three-year-old daughter. After 93 miles, they discovered their mistake. I know how their daughter felt.

Before Birth Control

I always knew that my parents liked my three sisters better than me. Keep in mind there were four of us towheads under the age of six, filled with energy, and too smart for our own good. Even on a clear day, it would take an accountant to keep our bobbing heads straight.

The Family Vacation

Dad would pile us all into his boat of a turquoise Nash when vacation time came around. Then he would pile in all our luggage, camping equipment, and traveling food.

Traveling food is the food you get to eat in the car – but only on a long trip. It was pure junk food: pop, chips, a wide assortment of candy, and liverwurst sandwiches. Then Mom climbed aboard, and we were off to Colorado and its glorious mountains.

I should probably explain that Dad hated to go on vacation. He didn’t say much, but when he drove 55 MPH on the way there and 75 MPH on the return trip – we knew. Mom, on the other hand, loved to travel. Unfortunately she lived in a high state of nervousness. So we traveled in an emotional fishbowl clearly designed to self-destruct.

About 30 minutes into the trip, we all needed a bathroom break. Then someone had to stop every 30 minutes thereafter. It drove my dad’s need for order crazy, and Mom was verging on frantic as she worried about arriving at our motel on time.

Missing Kids

So, really,who can blame them when I wandered out of the road-side restroom to find the Nash gone? Of course, I did.

At least my parents realized I was missing. The parents of this poor little girl didn’t come to their senses until they heard the radio broadcast alert. Authorities sent out the alarm, hoping to reach her parents. Forty-five minutes after someone discovered the girl, the father called the police and retraced his path back to the rest stop.

1 Minus The Rest-Definition Of Bad

After two hours, all their family members reunited. The authorities questioned her parents about the incident. Good idea. Maybe they meant to leave her.

Then again, we don’t know the child. Some kids are bad to the bone.

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