5 Biggest Jeb Bush Lies: Madeleine Albright Tells All About Iraq War End

Iraq War Ends - Jeb Gives W Credit

Uh oh, Jeb Bush, you are in big trouble. Madeleine Albright, first woman Secretary of State, has your number. She is calling you out.

I love this woman. She served in the Clinton administration and is a no-nonsense person. In just a few words, she slams Jeb Bush up against the wall. Had she wanted to do it, she could have taken him out – totally. But Albright is fair:

“Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s brazen attempts to rewrite history in a series of campaign appearances last week cannot go unchallenged…Governor Bush is clearly  seeking to absolve his brother’s administration of responsibility for today’s problems in Iraq. This argument may serve Governor Bush’s political interests, but it does a disservice to the truth.”

Jeb Bush, heir to the Republican throne, is blaming President Obama for W.’s Iraq mess. I guess we should expect it. Republicans have been blaming our president for everything from the Great Recession to their hangnails.

Republicans have no trouble rewriting history. Blaming our current president also helps the Bush clan spread the blame to Democrat presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. In her op-ed penned for Politico, Albright calls Jeb Bush the liar he is.

That made me wonder what other lies Jeb Bush is telling, so here are the five biggest ones:

1. ISIS didn’t exist when W. was president

Oh yes it did. Many were members of al Qaeda. If we hadn’t gone to war in Iraq, there would be no ISIS.

2. Obama pulled troops from Iraq too soon

It wasn’t Obama’s decision to pull troops out of Iraq. In fact, W. set up that inflexible pull-out date.

3. W.’s decision to invade Iraq was good

We know how well that went. Not only did the U.S. lose thousands of lives with many more of our veterans severely injured, the Iraqi people lost over 100,000 lives.

4. It’s okay to say “Islamic terrorist”

“ISIS” is not the same as “Islamic terrorist” – they are completely different terms. To say “Islamic terrorists” is to encourage a religious war. That instills fear in the public.

5. ISIS is Obama’s fault

Excuse me? We wouldn’t have gone to war in Iraq at all if Cheney and brother Bush hadn’t lied their way into this farce.

Albright says that George W. Bush and his administration did severe damage:

“Words matter in the world of diplomacy, and so does leadership. The reputation of the United States was severely damaged during President’ Bush’s administration. Today, America’s place in the world is far stronger than it was in 2009 thanks to the leadership of President Obama and former Secretary Clinton.”

Albright ended her op-ed by letting us know why everyone must call Jeb out for his lies:

“The United States cannot afford another President Bush who blinds himself to global reality and who forges ahead into chaos. Americans deserve a president who will acknowledge the past and will forge a better future.”

I agree, Madame Secretary.

h/t: Occupy Democrats

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