50 Ukrainian Ducklings Confiscated, Burned, Russian Border Security Watchdog Says

What did these 50 baby ducks ever do to Russia? How could the Russians kill them after they were smuggled into the country from the Ukraine? Don’t they have duckling adoptions in the former Soviet Union?

(Image courtesy of WikiMedia)

The head of the Belgorod region’s branch of Rosselkhoznadzor agricultural watchdog, Svetlana Zaporozhchenko, explained why the ducklings had to die:

“The ducklings did not have any accompanying documents, so a decision was made to destroy them.”

What? How can baby ducks have the proper documents when they can’t even read yet? They didn’t understand they were being smuggled across the border. It was bad enough to euthanize them, but then the Russians then had to burn them!

According to the Zvezda TV channel, the man smuggling the baby fowl was a professional duck smuggler who bought the newly-hatched quackers at an open-air market in Kharkiv, Ukrainia. Then he sold them in Russia after avoiding the border checkpoints. Clearly the duck smuggler wasn’t very good at his job.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin signed the duckling death decree last month. Just because you don’t like the Ukraine, President Putin, why do you have to destroy anything related to food? How can you blame these defenseless ducklings for the Ukraine introducing sanctions against Russia?

Thanks a lot, President Putin.

Featured image via WikiMedia

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