6 Insane Summer Camps That Will Make You Want To Go – No Summer Online Schools These!

Oh man, I wish I could go to these off-the-wall camps – not just one of them, all of them! I went to camp once when I was 13-years-old. At Camp Chippewa, we put up giant tepees. That was where I learned that it is a bad idea to touch the canvas above your bed when it is raining – drip…drip…drip.

Summer Online School Or Mig 21?

I got a horrendous sunburn, a bazillion chigger bites, and a soggy sleeping bag. That was it for me and camping. But let me fly a MiG 21, and I would go to this insane camp in a hot minute. The other camps are different, but just as exciting!

6. High Explosives Camp

Does this camp sound great, or what? It would be so much fun to blow up a bunch of gun-powder-powered pyrotechnics. I’m talking about fireworks, dynamite, and C-4!  Then there is blast mining (it could come in handy), underground demolition, and deep mine TNT clusters.

If that appeals, and it does, Missouri University of Science and Technology offers a summer camp for people who want to join me. After all, I might want a career change to setting off explosions and building walls of fire for movies.

5. Stunt Double Camp

A guy who had a crush on me in junior high became Burt Reynolds’ stunt double. I always kind of envied him, not that I look anything like Reynolds, being a girl and all. At Pali Adventures Hollywood Stunt Camp, I could learn to do Vin Diesel leaps and falls, explode out of a burning meth house, and roll out of a car moving at 90 mph. You never know when I might need to do a car roll.

But that isn’t all! I could learn to shoot out of a cannon, leap off of a 32-foot wall, and wield a sword. Wow.

4. Israeli Special Forces Camp

Ever since Israeli Mossad agent Ziva David showed up as a character on CBS’s TV show, NCIS, I have wanted to know how to do what she did. If the Israel Challenge Experience won’t show me how to be a member of the Mossad, it will train me to be Special Forces – well, almost.

I get to go to Israel and pick olives like Ziva did. Better yet, I’ll get multi-weapons training, hostage rescues, and unlimited stealth movement practice. On the down side, I may come home with PTSD.

3. Ninja Camp

Now who doesn’t want to be a Ninja warrior? At Ninja Camp USA, I can learn how to use throwing stars, steal silently across the tops of buildings, and descend from them like a “stabby raindrop”.

Not only that, I get to take home a ninja uniform and a nice set of throwing knives!

2. The Lord of the Rings / Game of Thrones Fantasy Battle Camp

Okay, I’ve read all of The Lord Of The Rings and Game Of Thrones books, except the one that isn’t out yet. So I’m totally up for this adventure: Camp Rivendell in Calgary, Canada. I’ll even bring my own direwolf, if necessary. At this camp, I can beat off vicious monsters, build real forts and catapults, and learn how to live in a castle.  That castle living isn’t as easy as you would think.

But it looks as if this fantasy camp is only a fantasy now, because its owners forgot to get permission from the copyright holders.

1. Supersonic Safari Camp

Combine a ride on a Russian MiG-21 fighter jet with six nights on a private game reserve in South Africa, and what could be better? Incredible Adventures does just that. The reserve is filled with all the wildlife you can imagine – rhinos to elephants – but no hunting, thank goodness!

There is a danger chair where you can get up close and personal with the wild ones. Then hop from the speed of zero to the ear-popping stratosphere where you take the controls in 30- to 45-minute supersonic flights. There you’ll be sure to break the speed barrier with a thundering crash of sound.

0. No Summer Online School!

Sure I could go to summer online school, but why would I when I can do these camps? They are my kind of learning!

Sign me up, Baby, I’m ready to go!

h/t cracked.com

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