8 Hillarious Old People Trading Sound Bites With GOP Debaters (VIDEO)

By Gloria Christie on August 9, 2015

Watch out! The people in gray hair are throwing their weight around. People who cashed in their last paycheck like to vote – more than most. And most retirees are not happy with the Republican’s first debate sound bites. Uh-oh.

Retirees Trading Sound Bites With GOP Debaters

Consider it from the grandma/grandpa point of view. Those in their not-so-golden years remember when unions made life safe and secure. They have also seen the Republicans knock down most of the unions and kick-box their retirement packages.

The AARP generation lived through the wonderous rise of the middle-class, where people worked 40 hours a week (or less), one breadwinner supported a family, companies were loyal to their employees, and people actually took vacations.

Then many of the gray-set had to return to work. Man oh man, do they have something to say about the Republican sound bites from the first debate.

Retirees in this video decided to read aloud the out-of-touch, right-wing ideas falling out of the president wannabes’ mouths. Since I’m semi-retired, I’ll give you my opinion, too. But watch the video; their reactions are worth a watch.

1. Worker Longer Hours

Are you kidding me? I’m tired. I stood on my feet for 40 years, and they hurt. Work longer hours? That’s insane. People should be working shorter hours, just like you politicians.

2. 100,000 Protestors

So you think taking on 100,000 Wisconsin citizens protesting peacefully is comparable to ISIS? Oh Honey, you have been too protected. Call out the innocence blasters.

3. McCain War Hero

You don’t like people who get captured in the heat of battle? Well, I don’t like people who have a wild animal growing out of their head, Mr. Trump.

4. The Middle Class

What middle class? When Ronnie Reagan hopped behind the big desk in the Oval Office, the only thing that really trickled down was our disposable income.

5. Raise Retirement Age

Raise retirement age to what – 80, 90, or 100? Try digging ditches, hauling a big rig, or building structures on the run, then you can give me your opinion. Better yet, you candidates stick your wives behind the diner counter, and then talk to us about raising the retirement age.

6. Phase Out Medicare

Phase out this program? This program? The name of the program, for those of you who have forgotten its name, is Medicare. Phase it out? Not before we phase out your lifetime healthcare plan.

7. Minimum Wage

You’re tired of talking about the minimum wage? Oh, poor babies. You probably spend more on your shoes than people on minimum wage live on for a year. Try feeding your children, paying your rent, and buying kids’ clothing on minimum wage. Do that for a year. Then see how tired that makes you.

8. Stupid People

You think we have stupid people? ROFLMAO.

Check out the old people’s sound bites here:


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