9 Ways Early Years Influenced Bernie Sanders Political Party

By Gloria Christie on July 4, 2015

A phenomenon is occurring right before our eyes. Bernie Sanders? crowds leaped in number to 10,000 at the last count. And they are gaining momentum ? just like Bernie Sander?s donations.

Early Years With Bernie Sanders Political Party

Sanders appears to have tapped into something people truly care about. So it seems time that we learn a little more about this enthusiastic Vermont U.S. Senator. Meet Bernie Sanders:

1. Start In Brooklyn

Sanders was born as the second son to struggling working-class family. Sanders was the younger of?two sons. His parents immigrated from Poland, and his father worked as a paint salesman. The futurepresidential candidate said,

“I saw unfairness. That was the major inspiration in my politics.”

2. Sanders? Education

Bernie Sanders started in Brooklyn, “James Madison high school and then went on to Brooklyn College. After a year there, he switched to the University of Chicago, where he studied psychology.?

3. Sanders As Journalist

He was a freelance journalist for The Freeman, which cost $10 for a year?s subscription in 1971.Marvin Fishman wrote about prison issues for the paper after spending one year in prison for smoking marijuana.

?Pay? You gotta be kidding ? I don?t recall ever getting paid.?

Later Sanders published The Movement. It was an occasional newsletter that focused on ?ideas to make the world better, both in real life and in The Movement.?

4. Bernie Sanders Political Party

Bernie Sanders’ political party beliefs haven’t changed over the years. He remains true to his original message:

??sympathy for the downtrodden, the impoverished and the disenfranchised in the face of the rich and the powerful.?

5. Sanders’ Vermont Home

People in his circle congregated at his small apartment in Burlington, VT Greg Guma,?author of The People?s Republic: Vermont and the Sanders Revolution, said,?

?It was subsistence living.? ?

6. Sanders On Cuba

He wrote about the 10th anniversary of the Cuban revolution. And even back then he recognized that Cuba had its problems, but it,

??had made great progress in health care and education?

7. Sanders Targets Issues

Forty years ago, Senator Sanders had a strong grip on what is wrong with this country.

  • Food laden with chemicals
  • The environment being ruined
  • People coerced and duped by the government and the advertising industry, and
  • The economy based on ?useless? goods ?designed to break down…?

8. Sanders As Film Maker

Sanders made films about events in American history, many from the colonial period, and then sold them door-to-door to schools. And he worked on a shoestring out of his home. Coworker?Ron MacNeil said,

?I think our motivation was that we were interested in American history.??

9. Who Sanders Admired

His hero was Eugene V. Debbs, the labor organizer who ran unsuccessfully for president five times. Sanders even made a half-hour film about Debbs.

Isn?t it great to know that there is an independent candidate – one who doesn?t let the polls tell him or her what to say?

Bernie Sanders has been talking about what is important for a long time.

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