Absolutely Adorable Sea Bunnies, A Sea Creature Japan Loves! (VIDEO)

A Sea Creature Looks Adorable

Oh, these sea bunnies are just too cute, and the people in Japan are going nuts over them. I notice that Japanese crazes tend to jump over the Pacific and take up residence here in the U.S. – full force. Think Hello Kitty.

The sweet sea bunnies look like little puffs of clouds – with ears. So I do hate to put a furball on your mental image of the lovely little creatures, but I must.

Too Cute! A Sea Creature Looks Like A Bunny

These adorable, under-water bunnies are actually slugs, sea slugs. You know, like the slugs that slime their way across the sidewalks and eat your plants ? only these slugs appear to be dressed up for a costume party. They always go as sea bunnies.

Bunny-Like, A Sea Creature

Japan?s Twittersphere is lit up over the cutest sea animals I will ever see, this Jorunna parva. These fluff balls are either white or yellow and have been taking over the Twitterverse?according to reports from the?Japanese news site, Rocket News 24.

A Sea Creature Looks Just Like Bunnies

These ocean jewels are actually very small rhinophores. That means they can detect chemicals in the water. They have chemosensory scent/taste organs, and their sole purpose is to seek out chemicals in the water as they cross the ocean floor.

People can find these tiny sea bunnies in the Indian Ocean, all the way to the Philippines, and onward to Japan where photos of them have become so popular.

Watch this video of a sea creature living in his environment.

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More info:?seaslugs.free.fr?(h/t:?rocketnews)

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