Awesomely Funny Political Campaign Advertising – Greatest Ever!

Wyatt's Most Amazing Political Advertising Ever!

Oh wow….are our politicians boring or what? But what may be the greatest political ad of all time is whizzing around the globe. This political campaign advertisment has dragons, robots, lasers, and even humongous flying geese! Our politicians could take a lesson from this awesomely funny Canadian political ad.

U.S. Duller Than Soccer

The Washington Post/ABC News poll released last week shows that we rate soccer as more interesting than politics according to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll. That is bad. So what should we do? I think part of the answer is found in what we should not do.

DePalo Disconnected

For example, take politico Maurice DePalo, who made local history when he ran for Shrewsbury‘s Board of Selectmen. The little burg in central Massachusetts has just over 35,000 residents.

That political campaign advertising shows photos of DePalo with bunches of people with a word overlay  that has nothing to do with the picture. He speaks at the beginning and at the end, and that is far too often. Watch here:

McConnell Mind-Freeze

We can excuse local politicians for boring ads, because they have such limited resources. But  long-time senator from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell, has no excuse. He nearly lost to a first-time candidate, until the big money guns saved him with an infusion of gold. Granted the senate majority leader is terribly disliked, but there is more to his close call.

McConnell’s political campaign advertising is…what is the word I am looking for…oh, boring. His ads are not just boring, they are BO-ring! He must have enlisted the elderly ladies from his church choir to sing the music that runs throughout the ad. Plus that unnatural and downright frightening grin he displays must have come about when someone said, “Say unions.”
Take a look at our dull-man-in-chief McConnell, where even his advisers must have thought his voice so utterly boring, that he did not say a word:

Political Campaign Advertising

Do politicians have to settle? No, Canadian politician superhero, Wyatt Scott’s, campaign advertising morphs him into a bearded Scott 39 seconds in! Listen up U.S. politicians – you have been challenged.

The amazing ad was authorized by Zorg Ruler Of The Universe aka Victor Kelleher, Official Agent Of Wyatt Scott and produced by Three Amigos. Check out the awesomeness!

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