Bernie Sanders Claims He’ll Take On Billionaires, Not Clinton VP

Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) put firmly to rest any idle rumors that he might consider being Hillary Clinton?s vice president. In aninterview with Yahoo global news anchor?Katie Couric, Monday, he said:

??Would she be interested in being my vice president? We may be outspent, but I think we?ve got a good shot to win this thing.

My goal is to win this election.?

Sanders Claims VP Position Out. Credit. John Pemble.

Sanders Claims Middle Class Fight

So why is Sanders running? He genuinely believes that no one is helping the middle-class, he tells Couric, and claims he wants the job:

?There are millions and millions of people who are tired of the establishment politics and corporate greed who are going to lead the mass movement in this country.

?People are having enough with the status quo. They see the rich getting richer and other people hurting.?

Is Age An Issue?

When asked whether or not his age was an issue, Sanders (73) was his usual direct self:

?Knock on wood ? I was a long distance runner as a kid, I am strong and I am healthy. I would not be running if for a second I thought I couldn?t do this job.?

Billionaires vs. Sanders

In the interview, Sanders is quite aware that he is up against the billionaire-backed opponents:

?I?m going to be honest with you, it may be too late.?The billionaires may be too powerful.

??We?re going to do the best we can. I don?t have a super PAC, I don?t want it super PAC, and that is that.?

Should Sanders become president what does he intend to do about Citizens United, which considers corporations as persons with the ability to donate unlimited campaign contributions? He told Couric he will not nominate a Supreme Court justice unless that person will undoubtably vote to overturn that decision. He says:

?I believe Citizens United is an absolute disaster.?

Sanders claims he is not running for president in order to manipulate Clinton into far left stances. Nor does he want to be her vice president.

The question then becomes, who would Sanders select for his vice president?

I can?t wait!

H/T: Yahoo Global News

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