Biting The Hand That Elected Them – Koch Small Business Marketing Tips

Kansas has been living on the edge these past weeks. You wouldn?t expect us to be the home of big drama ? but it is true. The Church Of Koch?s great experiment blew up right in the face of Gov. Sam Brownback revealing a $420 million unfunded budget hole.

Church Of Koch Business Solutions. Courtesy DonkeyHote.

It seems that 330,000 business owners and farmers?have paid nothing in income taxes on profits since a 2012 law went into effect. Guess what? The Koch brothers’ gigantic, multi-national business just falls neatly into that law – they pay nothing. Nothing!

When the state?s budget came due, Kansas could not pay up. We have been in this crazy five-year experiment concocted by the church of Koch Business Solutions. Koch and friends wants to use us as a model for all other states to follow. Texas, Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Florida are not far behind.

Koch Small Business Marketing Tips

The Koch Church hid behind the mask of ultra-conservative religion. But it is a ruthless oligarchy ? money is their god.?And congress doesn?t want to bite the hand that elects it.

Church Koch’s small business marketing tips are screw the poor and middle class. Vote our way or go the highway.

So what happened to the Kansas budget? Brownback signed a bill several weeks ago declaring 24,000 people ?non-essentials.? His plan was to furlough them when the budget came due last Saturday, and pour their wages into the budget hole. After all with no budget, the state can?t legally pay employees beginning this week.

Then the very conservative state congress passed a bill declaring these 24,000 people were indeed essential. That means they can work. The administration saidnotifications for layoff can be waived because,

“The current situation meets the criteria of an emergency.”?

Sen. Vicki Schmidt, a Republican from Topeka, said she is insulted that state workers would ?be used as pawns? in the impasse over budget and tax issues.

?We should not risk the livelihoods of our state employees because we couldn?t come to a consensus.?

Senate Ways and Means Committee Chair, Ty Masterson?(R) said,

?It?s kind of the prettiest baby in the ugliest baby contest. It?s probably not the best way to do it because, quite frankly, it doesn?t authorize payment, but it does allow them to work.?

Koch Cult Budget Strategy

  1. First support the conservative religious group.
  • The sin tax appeals to them, add another 50 cents to a pack of cigarettes and e-cigarettes.
  • Create a new school voucher program that will provide tax credits to those who donate funds for private and religious schools. ?And undermine the public school system!
  1. Keep people in deep poverty so they will jump at a chance to join the military or take dangerous/low-paying jobs.
  2. Increase taxes for the middle and lower class, like food.
  3. Pass the budget with a $406 million shortfall in it.
  4. Oh okay, raise taxes on business owners if you must but only a pittance, $24 million.

Pro-Koch Argument?

  • You haven?t been patient enough. Give the rich enough money and time sooner or later less tax revenue will turn into more tax revenue.


  1. Do not pay the Legislature the $40,000 for each of the 19 days it ran beyond the 90-day session.
  2. Sign up for Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act), which brings states into a facsimile of federal health care.
  3. Businesses need to pay?something?for the public services they receive, such as roads, public safety and education for children.
  4. Notice when Kansas makes cartoonist?Garry Trudeau?s?Sunday ?Doonesbury? strip.

Sen. Les Donovan, a Wichita Republican who?s been trying to put together a tax plan to balance the next budget,?threatened to resign,

?I am ashamed of how you are behaving. I?ve been used as a pawn and I?m sick of it. Find another tax chair.?