Children Fed Dirt Cookies. Haitians Need Money, Nutrition Programs (VIDEO)

Gnawing Hunger

According to?Joel Boutrique?who is with the UN Mission,

“Dirt cookies are a necessity for families that must live on $1.00 a day, because imported food is too expensive.”

You rarely see an adult eating a dirt cookie, because they are embarrassed by their poverty. The children, on the other hand, wonder why anyone is so interested in something that is a part of their daily lives. About 25 percent of those children are chronically undernourished.

Nutrition Programs

The U.S. UN Ambassador to Haiti, Janet Sanderson, speaks about the ?widespread hunger? in the country. Yes, she has brought congress members down to see the extent of that hunger. Yet nothing changes.

The dirt cookies make the people sick, but ?not sick way it makes people used to it.?

Dirt cookies make me want to cry. Watch this video:

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