Devastated Adoptive Parents Lose Daughter After Waco Motorcycle Rally

Waco Ends Adoptive Parents' Dream

How could one day make such a difference in the life of the parents of an adopted five-year-old girl? One of the bikers who went?Waco, Texas, was about to find out. The?cavalry rode in ? in waves of police assembled from local cops, cops from surrounding cities, and even the Texas Rangers.

Nine people died when chaos broke out. More were injured, and a number of the bikers lost their jobs and savings.

Adoptive Parents

That day forever changed life for Marilyn and Rob Bucy of Midlothian. They lost custody of their little girl.

The family lived in a raucous home with five children, lots of smiles, hugs, and love. The newest member was five-year-old Alyssa. The Midlothians were trying to adopt Alyssa from California relatives. Rob clearly enjoyed his family, and he said,

“There was never a dull moment. There was a lot of energy, a lot of noise.”

Alyssa was doing well with the stability and acceptance she found in her new home. She craved it after living in a troubled home. The Bucys had been trying to adopt her for 18 months. Marilyn said,

“We were always Mommy and Daddy from the start.”

But all of that changed on May 17, when Rob hopped on his Harley and headed to a biker rally at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco. Rob said,

“When I was backing my bike out of the driveway to go to Twin Peaks, Alyssa stood in the garage and went, ‘Bye, Daddy, bye Daddy, I love you.’”

Waco Incident

It never occurred to Rob that he was on the road to jail, a $1 million bail, and charges of murder and organized crime. Yet that is exactly what happened.

He was caught in the web when 17 bikers spun into a fight and shootout. The father of five could not get the bail money, so his only alternative was to spend a month behind bars.

Rob is a member of the Cossacks motorcycle gang. They were involved with the Bandidos in Waco, but he said he took no part.

Consequences Of Actions

While he was in jail, Marilyn received a “notice of emergency removal” from California officials. The couple?s plan to adopt Alyssa tanked, because these authorities believed Rob was “a threat.” He said,

“I really feel that I have done everything I could do to show the court, show the judge, that we love her… this is our daughter. She’s here with family, she needs to come home.”

The couple filed an appeal to reverse the action, but their efforts haven?t worked out. The Bucys? Texas caseworker has been very supportive, but the California officials overruled her. Marilyn had to pack Alyssa?s things and take her to the airport where a stranger took custody of the five-year-old. Marilyn said,

“I’m so proud of you, Alyssa. I know you are being such a brave, big girl, and I miss you. I miss you and I love you and I’ll see you as soon as I can… as soon as I can.?

Social Services placed Alyssa with a California foster family. Not only are the Bucys unable to speak to the little girl, they have no idea where she was placed. Rob said,

“It really breaks my heart; she’s daddy’s girl.?

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