Head-To-Head Clinton Would Decimate Fiorina In A Debate

Hillary Clinton Debate Defies Fiorina

Hillary Clinton came across as presidential during theCNN debate Tuesday night, while Carly Fiorina in her debate appeared like a fox who would chew off her leg to get where she wants to go. Fiorina is the Republicans’ attack woman designed to take out Clinton, while the big boys go for the presidential prize. But while Fiorina’s harsh anger plays well to Republicans, she is a poor substitute, as far as Democrats are concerned. Both women were well prepared, but Clinton operated from a position of strength and experience, while Fiorina gave a mean- spirited attack on both her Republican opponents and the Democrats.

I know that we rarely talk about what male candidates wear, but let’s admit it: Men’s suits can differ only so much. The variations are usually a matter of blue tie or red tie. Everything about Clinton said presidential, from her exquisite navy ensemble to her confidence. On the other hand, Fiorina wore a royal blue dress that said, “I’m the woman.” Fiorina pointed to her gender by giving presidential contender Donald Trump a nasty response to what was his nasty comment, “Who would vote for that face?” Fiorina said:

“I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said.”

Clinton used Tuesday’s commentator’s question about how the candidates would differ from President Obama to point to her role as a woman. She responded to the question of difference with:

“Well, I think that’s pretty obvious.”

Clinton described a search-and-find mission she and President Obama conducted in China to crash their environmental group, in order to highlight her capability. They came away with a climate change treaty, the first of its kind. Fiorina fabricated a story about a live baby waiting for Planned Parenthood to harvest its brain. She went into great detail, playing upon the sympathies of the audience. It was all a lie.

Clinton expressed her deft debating skills, a gentle humor, wide political experience, intelligence, and strength during her debate. Fiorina was virulent, snide, and angry to just below the boiling point. Sure, women want a woman in the White House, but not just any woman. This was the first of many job interviews for both women. Fiorina was applying for the position of attack guard while Clinton was applying for the Oval Office.

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