Hysterical Crow Tricks Right Before Your Eyes! VIDEOS

I laughed myself silly over a little video that showed a crow doing what crows do. But who knew how amazing these birds really are? So I want to share that video with you – and several other crow video gems. Have fun!

Before You Know It - Crows' Tricks. http://www.pdpics.com/photo/361-crow-closeup/ Public Domain

  1. Crows make people around the world laugh. How do they do it?

a. They find a sled and go sledding

b. They go out and get drunk

c. They go horseback riding.

Watch this little video to see which one is true. (It’s okay to laugh yourself silly.)

  1. When we hear we have to ‘eat crow,’ that brings up some unhappy feelings. ?Eat crow? leads us to believe that crows taste awful. So what do they really taste like?

a. Skunk meat

b. Just like chicken

c. Wild duck

Surprisingly eating crow doesn’t taste bad. It takes like wild duck.

  1. This crow wants this guy’s little frying pan. How does it try to get it?

a. Ask for it

b. Trick the man out of it

c. Get frustrated and give up

Check out this amazing bird in action! It is really funny.

4. What do you call a whole bunch of crows?

a. A murder of crows

b. A gaggle of crows

c. A gurgle of crows

Fortunately you see a murder of crows – but not a gang of murdering crows.

5. If a city crow smarter than a human toddler wants to crack a nut, what does he do?

a. Drop it from a high building

b. Drop it to a pedestrian cross walk

c. Use a nutcracker

Watch this little video of an amazing crow to find which one he does. You won’t believe this before and after.

6. Are crows and ravens the same thing?a. Yes

b. Only before Tuesday

c. No

No they are not the same, but they are related?? much like a leopard and tiger. Ravens are much bigger.

7.?Do crows have teeth?

a. Yes and they file them to sharp points

b. They have the same number of teeth as chickens

c. Yes but they lose them before they are old when they need false teeth.

Crows have the same number of teeth as chickens – none.

8. How long do crows live?

a. 20 years

b.?Less than 3 years

c. 100 years or longer

Crows live 17 to 21 years unless they fall out of the nest, then the answer is less than 3 years.

9. Do crows mate for life?

a. No, they are big-time cheaters

b. Yes

c. No, they believe in polygamy

Crows are pretty smart – they mate for life.

10. Young crows like to have fun, but what kind of fun?

a. Vandalizing cars

b. Robbing old ladies at gunpoint

c. Playing chicken with cars then flying up before they get hit

One crow will vandalize a car’s windshield wiper. Then he will teach the other crows how to do it, too.
11. Crows are pretty smart. So what can they do?

a. Make pancakes

b. Repair sink holes

c. Complete an 8-step, fixed order task

This video is amazing – it went viral before anyone realized. Watch this bird do the unbelievable.

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