Jurassic World’s Chris Pratt’s Baby – Prayers Beat Critical Care Physician

Jurassic World star, Chris Pratt (35), is a hero both on stage and off. When Pratt and his wife?s (actress Anna Faris) son was born nine weeks prematurely, Jack spent a month in neonatal intensive care coming in at a weight of 3 pounds and 12 ounces.

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Critical Care Physician Predicts

A nationally renowned critical care physician told them their son would, ?suffer a lifetime of disabilities.? The couples? answer was to be at their son?s side in constant prayer.

?We were scared for a long time. We prayed a lot. It restored my faith in God, not that it needed to be restored, but it really redefined it.

The baby was so beautiful to us, and I look back at the photos of him and it must have been jarring for other people to come in and see him, but to us he was so beautiful and perfect.?

Pratt Shocks Amy Poehler

Pratt is no prude, though. He was a regular in the TV series Parks and Recreation. In one scene?the actors were to strip down to flesh-colored garments. But he improvised on one take and went totally bare for the scene, shocking Amy Poehler.

Even though the actor is conservative when it comes to his religion but liberal in his acting, he appears grounded, optimistic, and brave.

The new father isn?t shy about posting Bible verses on his Facebook page or describing his faith.

?I have my eyes on the prize. The big picture is my wife and my son and I living somewhere other than L.A., just being able to be a Boy Scout leader, drink beer on Saturday, go to church on Sunday, having fun.

I could coach him in football. That?s the goal, and I need to do as many big movies as I can while there?s still time. Because you never know what?s next.?

What’s Next?

Pratt is active with the March of Dimes, because it supports babies.

“Our Jack went from a small helpless little squirt to a strong, happy, funny, and vocal boy. He loves monster trucks and Daniel Tiger and, believe it or not, he loves vegetables. Broccoli and cherry tomatoes are his favorite foods.”

What an amazing example Pratt is! He puts himself all out there in all ways. How refreshing!

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