Little Girls T-Ball Team Hits Home Run With ‘Frozen’ Theme

What a great mom! Betsy Gregory, aka Avery?s Mom, in Edmond, Oklahoma just happens to have a part-time photography business. The photo she took of her 4-year-old daughter?s softball team transformed into a viral wonder.

'Freeze' T-Ball Team

Team Goes Viral

Opportunities exploded. The team photo made it to Sports Illustrated for Kids, The Ellen Show, and it is only getting better every day. Avery’s Mom said,

?“It was never our intention (going viral), but it’s neat to see it happening.”

?She put black sports smudges beneath the eyes of these little beauties and dressed them in sweet dresses based upon the Disney movie, ?Frozen.? Gregory then added the baseball gear. How could she go wrong?

Photo With Attitude

Gregory thinks the photo resonates with people.

“Little girls that are in beautiful sparkly dresses are OK to look a little tough and look a little mean. I’ve heard words like ?fierce’ thrown out. It’s OK to be strong and empowered.”

Yes, these little ones are delightful, but they are also giving off something more, and that something is power.

Gregory is trying to introduce independence and strength to her daughter, Avery. She is the player decked out?in her catcher?s equipment.

But, they’re little girls! Yes, but this mom wants them to open up to what could be. So, she encouraged the little ones,

“You can do anything that you set your mind to. As a mom, that’s what we want our girls to feel the power to do, to step up and try anything.”

How It All Began

The mothers of the other little girls met at the mini dance classes. All of the moms grew up in the first generation of girls-can-do-anything-boys-can-do, and they wanted the same for their daughters.? This led them to start a 3- and 4-year-olds’ t-ball team.

But, how did they pique the girls’ interest? After some serious consideration they landed on the popular movie, ?Frozen?!

If you have little ones in your life, there is no question that you’ve heard of the movie that has captured the imagination of little ones across the country. They dress up like the princess sisters Elsa and Anna, sing the feature song, and watch the tale unfold — on repeat.

So, what name could they choose to capture all this interest? It became obvious: The Freeze!

For the team?photo, the girls chose to,

?Wear?turquoise shirts, white pants?and turquoise-and-white tie-die socks in homage to the color scheme worn by Elsa.?

And there we have it, there are these little girls – wearing their Elsa dresses, socks, and cleats. Then, Avery?s mom told them to,

“Pretend that your brother stole something from you.?

Success Measured In Giggles

In the end, we see these cute little girls doing their best to look tough?and mean ? and the photo turns out unbelievably cute.

Betsy admits that they were?being silly when they took the picture, but the message is serious.

“You?re a little girl, and you can do anything. Don?t let people get in your way. Go for it. Wear an Elsa dress and play softball.”?

?Power begins at home ? home plate in this case. And “success was measured in smiles and giggles.? Avery?s mom admitted,

“We came in dead last, but we had lots of fun.”

Their story makes me smile, and I recalled my daughter’s team photo – she hated baseball! Then, thinking further back, I remember my own mother was before her time. She told us girls can do anything boys do… and we did!

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