President Obama Speaks At VFW Convention, Addresses VA Healthcare

President Obama Addresses VFW And Auxiliary, VA Healthcare  Amanda Cook

Veterans? healthcare and predatory payday loans topped President Obama?s agenda during his speech to the VFW (Veterans Of Foreign Wars) National Convention. The president spoke to nearly 12,000 members of the?VFW and its affiliates on Tuesday in Pittsburgh, Pa.

he president signed a bill Monday to allow all veterans to receive official IDs from Veterans Affairs regardless of whether or not they meet certain criteria for VA services.

Obama On Healthcare

The president is committed to improving life for the country?s veterans and military families. The VA health system is currently computerizing each of the hundreds of VA centers throughout the country, so that they?communicate?with one another.

“Today the VA is handling millions more appointments…on average veterans are waiting just a few days.”

Preditory Lending

Lenders have exploited loopholes in the Military Lending Act to target military members. The president intends to expand the list of payday and short-term lenders? regulations. This includes capping interest rates and other changes. These lenders are:

  • Larger or longer-term payday loans,
  • Title loans
  • Installment loans and
  • Credit cards

Shooting Victims

President Obama spoke amidst concerns about the shooting rampage at U.S. Marine recruiting offices. The president named each of the five downed victims, and he brought them to life by describing a bit about?who they were,

“We must stand up for them and honor them forever.”

Obama On Iran

He praised the U.S.-Iran diplomacy, emphasizing avoiding boots on the ground if at all possible,

?Instead of rushing into another conflict, I believe we must exhaust every other alternative.???

He addressed the individuals who are still being held captive by Iran,

?We?re not going to rest until those who have been unjustly detained in Iran are released.?

Sequestration Hurts US

The president spoke about sequestration and its negative impact on the military. Sequestration limits a budget item increase to an equal decrease somewhere else in the budget. It means some hospitals will have to close if Congress does not address the military shortfall of $2.5 billion. Cuts undermine our international security.

Britain just increased its military spending to 2 percent of its national budget, and President Obama encouraged other countries to follow suit. He said that our strong relationship with our Nato partners increases our national security.

This speech is yet another example of how President Obama continues enlisting support for his?heavy agenda.

The president’s full speech is available here.


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