Sanders Calling Out Republicans For Mano-A-Mano Debate To Expose GOP Agenda Definition

GOP Agenda Definition Unclear

would marry Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in a hot minute if he was not already married – at least in my dreams. My man Sanders is running his nontraditional presidential campaign much like he runs his life: true to the people, fearless, and a link to a better future.

Mano a Mano Debate

Now Sanders is calling out the Republican presidential candidates, because he thinks the time to expose their “reactionary agenda” is now. He wants a Mano a Mano or Mano a Senora debate, so that he can pull the truth from his competitors.

I could see it. Sanders visited The Rachel Maddow Show Tuesday, as he often does. He said that the Republican candidates are off base, focusing on triviality, and able to “get away with murder,” according to Mediaite.

Exposing Agenda Definition

Never one to hold his tongue, Sanders says that he wants to “confront them honestly and say to their face” what they are planning for us – should the GOP win. Horrors!

Sanders eagerly anticipates an early debate between Democrats and Republicans, so that he can explain to us what the GOP has in store for the people. He believes that we should clearly understand that the R’s want “huge tax breaks for billionaires” with “massive cuts” to programs we need: Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security:

“When so many seniors are struggling right now, how in God’s name are you talking about cutting Social Security when we should expand it?”

How refreshing to know that Sanders won’t back down from the truth. People across the country are sick and tired of spineless, ineffectual political puppets:

“When kids can’t afford to go to college now, why are you talking about cutting Pell Grants by $90 billion? Why are you on the payroll of the Koch brothers and other billionaires rather than addressing the needs of working families?”

Getting To The Truth

Sanders is the one to translate political double-speak into actual English. Why should the media force candidates into the usual format of campaigns? A debate now would shake things up in a positive way:

“If we can confront them and debate issues rather than allow the media to get into political gossip and polling and fundraising, but talk about the issues, I think their agenda does not reflect more than 15 or 20 percent of the American people.”

Sanders is an independent, spirited straight talker. He says what many of us are thinking. Now it is time to break the bonds of tradition and get serious about our issues. Go Bernie!

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