Secret Same-Sex White House Ceremony, Just One Of Many Speech Writing Services

Oh, someone is in so much trouble.

Jon Lovett is a former speechwriter for President Obama. While having access to the big guy?s home ? the White House ? he performed a secret same-sex marriage.

Speech Writing Services Include Same Sex Marriages

Who Is Jon Lovett?

I?m not sure that it was a legal marriage, because it happened years before the Supreme Court recognized same-sex marriages, but Lovett had no problem sharing his story for ?The Moth Radio Hour? podcast at the Aspens Ideas Festival.

Lovett discussed going into politics:

?I went into politics for the reasons most people do: ambition, self-righteousness, and a desire to help others. If you?ve spent any time in Washington, you know that the desire to help others is optional, and for members of Congress, it?s frowned upon.?

The speechwriter also worked for Hillary Clinton while she was a senator, and during her 2012 presidential race. When he worked for Obama, he took advantage of his perks:

?I remembered that I worked at the White House, and I could give tours any time I wanted.?

One Of Many Speech Writing Services

That is how he came up with the idea of performing a super-secret same-sex marriage ceremony at the White House.

?Steve and Justin and I walked through the double doors into the ground floor of the West Wing, past the Situation Room, down the hall past the offices of the [National Security Council], up the stairs by the Cabinet room and the Oval Office, through the doors of the Colonnade that connect the offices of the West Wing to the stately rooms of the residence.

And we turned right down the stone path that jutted into the Rose Garden, and then I said,??Steve, do you take Justin to be your lawfully wedded husband? And Justin, do you take Steve???

I guess all that covert activity in the White House surrounded by a pack of Secret Service members would make a person skittish. Lovett said,

?We were very nervous. They were nervous because they were getting married. I was nervous because I snuck into my boss??house to perform a wedding against his wishes in his backyard. You can say what you will about the first same-sex marriage at the White House, at the very least, it was quite rude.?

The Ceremony

Rude? I would say that this covert operation borders on illegal. Lovett continued:

?They kissed modestly. And then I filed the paperwork ? the only real evidence that this took place, because I had to list the address: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.?

I have heard that the longer the ceremony, the shorter the wedding. If that is true, then this couple should be married for a very long time.

Now that same-sex marriage is legal everywhere, maybe the couple would like a do-over?

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