Texas Minister Threatens To Set Himself On Fire — His Idea Of Gay Marriage Therapy

Wow. These days when religion is on so many minds, a Texas minister has offered to set himself on fire, because ? get this – he believes that will stop gay couples from marrying. No kidding! Wouldn’t gay marriage therapy be easier?

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Burn Baby Burn

I don?t think the Bible says that burning ourselves up stops something we don?t like. But pastor Rick Scarborough must believe it, because he said:

?We?re simply being pre-emptive and saying, no matter what the cost, we are not going to bow, we are not going to bend, and we will burn.”

To be honest, I thought burning up was something that happens when the devil gets you. I wonder if this Baptist minister turned Christian political activist knows the pain of death by fire. I think it is the worst.

But maybe the Rev. thinks he will die a more horrible death if he marries some gay couples. He needs gay marriage therapy for himself.

He offered to commit suicide on the “National Emergency Coalition” show, which is a podcast linked to Jack?s group, Staying True To America?s National Destiny (STAND). He goes on to explain his beliefs:

?The end game is the complete destruction of the church of the Lord Jesus, the replacement of it with this liberal theology that?s not a theology? it goes back to the Garden of Eden when Satan wanted to be God. We now have a race of humans that don?t want to acknowledge that there?s a God.”

Over The Top Opinions

Scarborough is a Baptist minister who is also a Christian political activist and not shy about discussing his values:

?If the [Supreme] court does rule this, they will have to step over natural law. They?re after God. This country better be aware, we?ve suffered a lot of injustices, but I?m not sure God is going to tolerate this one very long.”

Scarborough runs an organization of pastors called Vision America. This organization’s intentions are:

“[To] inform, encourage and mobilise (sic) pastors and their congregations to be proactive in restoring Judeo-Christian values.

?We?re simply being pre-emptive and saying, no matter what the cost, we are not going to bow, we are not going to bend, and we will burn.?

Alternative To Gay Marriage Therapy

The pastor wouldn?t mind being shot either:

“The preachers need to get out front, the leaders need to get out front, out front of these ordinary citizens and say: ‘Shoot me first.’?

You know, I cannot see how such flaming acts of suicide will change anything. And the way I read it, the Bible is not cool with suicides.

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