The 1 Reason Women Regret Getting An Abortion

GOP Abortion Distortion

Republican politicians paint an ugly picture of a promiscuous woman dancing into the abortion clinic to get rid of all evidence of a pregnancy. Then she smiles, happy with her choice of birth control, and dances out of the clinic.

This is so wrong.

Induced Abortion Restrictions By State

Inside Abortion Clinics

An abortion clinic is one of the saddest places I have ever been. Some boyfriends and husbands try to cheer up their loved ones. Their manner shifts dramatically, though, after she leaves the waiting room. The men fall into a brooding silence.

Abortion is a complex issue. Certainly the casual abortionist exists, but she is the exception.

Unwed Teens

I worked as the one-room-school teacher at a live-in ?home? for unwed mothers back when unwed pregnancies were severely condemned. It was a place young women went until the baby was delivered, and my students could keep up their studies while they were away from home.

The girls ranged in age from 11- to 18-years-old, from Welfare recipients to daughters of wealthy parents, and from highly intelligent to mentally-challenged.

I wouldn?t want to have an induced abortion, but I don?t feel I have the right to tell others how to live their lives. I have enough trouble living my own life.

GOP Abortion Illogical

Conservative do not make sense to me. I don?t understand:

  • How Congress members are legislating their personal religious beliefs into law
  • Why they want to get government out of their lives, but have no trouble with a state-mandated??rape? by an invasive sonogram prior to a woman’s abortion
  • How the unborn lives are more important than the mothers? lives
  • Finally, I don?t understand why the legislators protect the unborn with a fierce intensity, but they cut food stamps and Women, Infants, And Children programs (WIC)?that provide milk, cheese, and other necessities.

Roe vs. Wade, which legalized abortion, was made law 40 years ago this past January. That hasn?t stopped conservatives from trying to kill it off. One of their tactics is an attempt to link?abortions to the mothers? psychological health. That is nuts. Since when did they care about a woman?s health ? of any sort?

Post-Abortion Syndrome?

Conservatives insist abortions cause everything from anxiety disorders to depression to substance abuse. They even made up a term, ?post-abortion syndrome,” in 1981. Now seven states have laws forcing women to have counseling prior to an abortion.

A new study, published?in the journal PLOS One, indicates women do not become emotionally traumatized from the abortion procedure. It?blasts the “post-abortion syndrome” apart.

Corinne H. Rocca,?PhD, MPH, UC San Fransisco?s School of Medicine, specializes in understanding sexual behavior, contraceptive use, and unintended pregnancy. She followed 667 pregnant women for three years for her study. Half of the women had first-trimester abortions, and the other half had late-term abortions. Their average age was 25-years-old.

Induced Abortion Finding

Some women did feet guilty and immediately regretted having an abortion, but 95 percent felt they made the right decision. Of course statistics can be manipulated, and I do see one flaw in this study ? it does not address the long-term effects.

To my surprise, the?study’s findings do show one particularly vivid result. The women who experienced emotional distress were the ones who felt scorned by their communities – after their abortions.

Apparently conservatives have it a*s-backwards ?as usual.

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