Unbelievably Sad – Terminally-Ill Man Wed In Cancer Center

By Gloria Christie on July 11, 2015

Keith Borum married Nina Scott yesterday. The beaming groom said it was the, ?best day of my life!?

Wedding In Cancer Center Patient's Room.

Exchange Vows

The newly-wed couple met three years ago, yet this might not be the wedding they had planned. Borum and Scott exchanged vows Friday at the Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip, New York. Borum sat in his hospital bed for the event.

Their family and friends donned protective, sterile blue medical gowns over their street clothes to protect Borum against infection. The tears that flowed were, perhaps, more poignant at this special wedding.

After Nina Scott became Nina Borum, she said wedding was perfect even in the unusual setting,

“The whole thing was great. I don?t know what my favorite moment was. I couldn’t imagine how great it could be or would be. The staff just outdid themselves … We couldn’t have done it no better.”

Cancer Center Diagnosis

Earlier this year, Borum went to the emergency room, because he experienced abdominal pain. It turned out to be a cancerous mass. He has been battling non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, according to ABC station WABC.

His new wife said,

“He?s been really going through so much and he can?t walk. It?s hard on him. He?s ??really hard…It?s just sunk his spirit.”

Hospital Staff

Borum?s nurses and other hospital staff joined in to make this day special for their seriously-ill patient. They found people who donated the flowers, the cake, and even the rings. The couple?s wedding was held in the patient’s hospital room.

The groom was able to fully enjoy his wedding day in spite of his terminal diagnosis, saying that he was enjoying, ?the best day of my life.?

This newly married man even lightened the mood by stealing his wife?s sunglasses. It looks to me as if Borum has also stolen the heart of many.

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