Walker – Stripped Down To Basics Using Koch Business Solutions

Unwrapping Walker

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker?(R) announced on Twitter? he is running for the presidential nomination today ? big surprise. So how will he win?

Koch Business Solutions For Walker

He will appeal to the far right in Iowa – the social conservatives, economic conservatives, tea partiers, and hawks.?Then he will back-flip to middle-ground for the general election and show off his fundraising skills. The people elected him two terms, and he is the only candidate to survive a recall. Walker passed conservative legislation and risked his re-election with his views on?gun rights,?labor laws,?and?abortion. On the down side, Walker is a bit of a dud, lacking in charisma. His campaign starts and ends with Iowa. Plus the mega-donor Kochs have one strike against Walker.

1. Walker’s Alpha-State Wisconsin

2. Weasel-Word Wizard

He takes both sides on issues, depending on which state he visits.

  • 250,000 jobs?promised in his first term. Didn?t happen.
  • Immigration. He is hardline against it but might have a back-door path to citizenship.
  • Abortion. No exceptions on 20-week abortion ban. Except he wrote his 2014?campaign ad?stating,

?The final decision to a woman and her doctor.?

  • Right To Work law. Says he will not sign the law, then does after he wins the election.
  • Gay-marriage-light. He is trying to capture younger voters by being pro-marriage. Yet, he cannot fully endorse it and keep conservative votes.
  • Unintimidated politician. It is the name of his biography. Yet, after an aide tweeted criticism on Iowa?s outsized role in nominations, he caves and fires her.
  • Foreign policy. He compared union leaders to Islamic State leaders to prove his credentials. Former governor, competitor Rick Perry (R-Texas) decimated him.
  • Energy ethanol mandates. He endorsed them for Iowa, but criticized them in Wisconsin.

3.?Koch Business Solutions

Walker is the Koch brother?s handmaiden; although, the Kochs do not like Walker?s hard-on-crime attitude. I wonder why?

  • ?One?Koch Brother?(75) told rich pockets in New York they haven?t picked Walker for president, but only after they said,?

“…then when the primaries are over and Scott Walker gets the nomination, well,? (pause for laughter) then we will support (Walker).?

Kochs love, love, love Scott Walker?.except for his tough-on-crime stance. One major area of disagreement remains: the effectiveness and fairness of the U.S. criminal justice system.

  • Investigation. Milwaukee-based district attorney (D) is investigating Walker for improper political coordination during the recall attempt.
  • A $1.5 million secret donation was discovered by Yahoo News? Michael Isikoff. Hardware store magnate, John Menard Jr., a little-known billionaire, is Walker?s kind of people.
  • Walker raised $37.2 million for his own campaign committee, proving his own capabilities.
  • Outside GOP Groups spent $58.7 million plus to keep him as governor. Most came from big donors with few fundraising limits, due to special Wisconsin recall rules.

And if all Koch business solutions fail, Walker?s wife can take an opposing view from him, so every side will be covered. ? ? ? ? ?

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