Watch Colbert’s Impressions Of Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Debate Performance (VIDEO)

Colbert Does Bernie Sanders And Hillary Clinton

I could not wait for Stephen Colbert, now host of CBS’s The Late Night Show With Stephen Colbert, to give us his take on the Democratic presidential debates. After all, Colbert’s humor reaches around dark corners and sees something the rest of us miss. His pieces on politicians are epic.

Colbert started out doing a spot-on imitation of Democratic-Socialist candidate Senator Bernie Sanders and his heavy-on-the-brain statistics. The funny man said that vanilla Democratic Secretary Hillary Clinton’s most-quoted line came out of Sanders’ mouth, then he showed us his hysterical Sanders impersonation:

“The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damned emails!”

But Clinton did not escape the good humor man’s banter. Colbert poked fun at her self-described big bank slap on the hands:

“Yeah! 2007 before big crash…cut it out! Stop it right now or you’re going to bed without any cocaine. No. No. No! Hunh-unh… Okay, just a little cocaine.”

Colbert even caught former President Bill Clinton in his fine web of humor, calling him the “potential future first ladies’ man.”

The comedian panned former Senator Jim Webb (D-Va.). It makes sense that Webb was born in St. Joseph, Mo., the “Show Me” state. During the debates, Webb repeatedly expressed frustration that he had fewer minutes of debate time than most of the other candidates. So Colbert created a Webb vote-for-me sign:

“JIM WEBB: Leadership for a brighter…hold on a minute, I thought I had more space, this isn’t fair, the other candidates all had much bigger yard signs!”

Colbert did an impersonation of former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chaffee, Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Democrat, that was remarkably like Ollie Hardy of the classic comedy team, Laurel and Hardy. Yet, it was a perfect Chaffee imitation – not good for the governor. But the late night host never promised us the bare news, Colbert promised us:

“The truthiness is, anyone can read the news to you. I promise to feel the news ‘at’ you.”

Take a look for yourself at Colbert’s video:

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