Watch Jimmy Kimmel Angered By Dentist Who Killed Cecil In Canned Lion Hunt (VIDEO)

Canned  Lion Hunt Angers Kimmel.

Jimmy Kimmel killed Monday night in his piece on the ill-famed dentist who killed beloved Cecil, the lion – the pride of Zimbabwe. The TV host said that dentist Walter Palmer is “the most hated man who isn’t selling jello.”

Canned Lion Hunt?

What is a “canned” lion hunt? Although this is called hunting, it is far from it. A captive lion hunt is more like shooting fish in a barrel. Hunters kill wild animals that have been held in a confined area. Dick Cheney enjoys shooting animals in canned hunts, if that gives you an idea of the type of men who like this sport.

Dentist Palmer’s Kills

Kimmel said that toothman Palmer has “killed half of Noah’s Ark.” All the dentist needed was a bucket-load of money to buy his kills. Is that sport? Nah, not when you have to pay for it. Is that food? Hardly.

I would have to agree with Kimmel. It is obvious Palmer could care less about animals. Just look at that sh*t-eating grin in Palmer’s pictures with animal carcasses.

Oh, big man killing animals that have absolutely no opportunity for escape. Even worse, the villain in this story lured Cecil out of a protected area.

Poor Shot Palmer

Worst of all, Palmer is clearly a rotten shot. The errant dentist took out an arrow and wounded Cecil but did not kill him. Even though the dentist tracked the lion, Cecil suffered for 40 hours until the man put him out of his misery with a gunshot – 40 hours!!!

Kimmel Breaks Up

But Kimmel turned the atrocious incident around. He broke up when he said that he wants some good to come out of this, something positive. So he posted the web address of the organization that placed the tracking device on Cecil in order to protect and study the leader of his pride.

Then Kimmel urged people to go to the site and donate. That website is I hope you will donate to them, too. Another site that needs support is AVAAZ, which is trying to fast-track lions to an endangered status.

Poor shot Palmer advertises his dental practice with a slogan, “A great smile says it all.” Certainly his toothy smiles when he is showing off his kills for the camera do say it all.

I have to wonder, who would want to go to see a dentist who uses the money you give him to kill helpless animals? I think Palmer is about to find out who.

Watch as Kimmel kills on the dentist killing Cecil the lion:

For more information on Cecil, check out:Zimbabwes Most Famous Lion Beheaded By Rich Tourists and American Dentist Identified As Zimbabwe Lion Poacher.

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