Watch These Navajo Activists Chase John McCain Off Their Land (VIDEO)

Mine Giveaways, Spill Containment Fails So Navajo Chase McCain

e Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) run. John McCain runs fast. Why is John McCain running? The senator is as antiquated in his thinking as the old Dick And Jane readers.

McCain waltzed onto the Navajo reservation after deciding to trade away one of their sacred sites to a foreign mining company. You might think that the senator would know members of the Navajo Nation would be understandably frustrated.

With the mine giveaway following the environmental outhouse caused by the Gold King Mine spill, who would be happy? After all, who wants their drinking water laced with lead, mercury, and arsenic? Where was McCain’s head when he decided to visit his Navajo constituents?

The Navajo protesters pursued McCain, chanting and drumming; but nearly a dozen members of the sheriff’s office held them back while the senator high-tailed it to his SUV. Then the protestors chased after the moving vehicle on foot. The gas-guzzler SUV was just one more environmental slap in the face to a people who regard nature as integral to their lives and a sacred treasure.

McCain’s Native American constituents have long called for him to be removed from the Senate Committee for Indian Affairs. A letter from the Navajo people reads in part:

“This man has no regard for human life. In his state alone the Navajo Hopi Land Dispute continues, tribes are losing their water rights, and over half the Navajo Nation now lives off the reservation…”

McCain has not only failed to protect the Native Americans, he has actively and consistently engaged in undermining their lives. The 2011 letter continues:

“Where Navajos that roamed free in there (sic) land with their sheep now waste away in a small 10×10 foot room waiting for death as the only language they know is Navajos. This conduct is not tolerated by Native Americans and only brings up memories of the Massacre at Wounded Knee.

“John McCain needs to step down from the Senate Indian Affairs Committee as well as being a Senator from the State of Arizona.”

McCain, raping and plundering Navajo lands is not good. It is bad. It is very bad.

Watch the people chase him off of the Navajo Nation here:


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