Which Halloween Costume Is Most Popular In Your State?

The Country's Most Popular Costumes By State

America’s Most Popular Halloween Costumes By State. Image By Influenster.com

OMG! Halloween creeps upon us in less than two weeks! Want an original costume for this Halloween’s festivities? Want to know what everyone else is wearing? Well, you have come to the right place for a state-by-state answer. I’m from Kansas, so I expected my state to be filled with yellow brick roads and lions with no courage. I was sadly mistaken.

I realize that my previous one-of-a-kind costumes won’t make the top 1000: Twilight, Life Of The Party, Safe Sex, and The Spirit Of Kansas City (as opposed to The Spirit Of St. Louis, the plane Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic). But on the off-chance I might be surrounded by a flock of similarly dressed people, I was eager to find out which costume is most popular this year in my state.

Fortunately, the people at Influenster were way ahead of me. They surveyed 42,000+ Halloween enthusiasts all over the country to find out who is wearing what. Imagine my surprise to find 84 percent of the country dresses up for the dark holiday. The top two picks are minions and Frozen’s Elsa, and the Disney characters rank high in many states.

Guess who is most popular in California? Alice In Wonderland takes the top spot. What about New York? With the weather in the northeast part of the country going crazy, snow might indeed fall on the most popular of all, Snow White.

Kansas is going heavy with princesses this year. I tell you what, who wants to trade one princess for a pirate costume? Can you guess whether or not you’re going to be surrounded by a troop of sugar skulls or a gang of angels or some other being? Check your state below and find out!

America's Favorite Costumes By State in 2015

H/T: Influenster.com

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