White House Blasted Dick Cheney Using Fox News – Video

White House Blasted Dick Cheney!

With Halloween candy lining the store shelves – right behind the Christmas candy –  my mind turns to ghouls, vampires, and creepy music. That is where former vice-president Dick Cheney comes into the picture.

The man with no heart thinks we care about his pathetic opinions on the Iran deal. For a guy who told us the Iraqi people would greet our troops with a path of flower petals, his track record is verging upon negative 100. Yet he hits the media circuit, blasting us with the bad breath of war, war, war. Come on, Dick. We know you are just trying to drum up business for your Halliburton Company. After all, Cheney and Co. have a revolting record of doing business with terrorists.

Yet, someone, somewhere will probably get sucked in by this real-life goblin’s cold-blooded assertions. So the White House, in a brilliant move, made a video to repel Cheney’s malevolence.

Let his own words fell the monster Cheney that has come to haunt us this Halloween season. Check out the White House’s new video posted to the to the White House YouTube page here. It’s terrific.

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