No Place Like Home, Not If You Want To Stay Alive!

Did you know that there are hundreds of thousands of people in the US living where someone to tell them what time to get up – even on weekends? Would you like that?… Continue reading

NEWS BRIEF October 10th (VIDEO)

 5 Top Stories In Under 5 Minutes Ferguson Protestors Uneasy — “Elected Officials Shouldn’t Get To Choose Who Gets To Choose Elected Officials” — California Inmate Firefighters — Battered Woman Shocks A Judge At… Continue reading

Sarah Silverman Is Giving You A Check For $435,000. True.

We are getting a check for $435,000 from comedian Sarah Silverman, that is if you are a woman. Of course Silverman needs to raise  $29,811,746,430,000  trillion first. But the woman has conviction, so… Continue reading

NEWS BRIEFS October 9th

5 Top Stories In Under 5 Minutes Incoming Airport Security Beefed Up — Where Is Kim Jong Un? —  Feelings Raw In Ferguson — On The War Front – Update — Another Ebola… Continue reading

FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted Cop Killer On The Run

Survivalist Eric Frein (31) has eluded the police for nearly a month after he shot and killed a Pennsylvania state trooper and wounded another. During the intensive manhunt, police believed they were closing… Continue reading

NEWS BRIEFS, October 8th

Dallas Ebola Patient Dies — Coroner May Shoot People — GOP Governors’ Power — On The War Front — Richest Man’s Advice —         Dallas Ebola Patient Dies Thomas Eric… Continue reading


Dishing Hillary Clinton At The War Front Ebola – Dog Killed Romney’s Cute Legs Enteral Virus Dishing Hillary Clinton He was ready to come down on Bill and Hillary Clinton in his investigation… Continue reading

Employers Privatize Our Retirement, Saves Them Money — Saves Us Nothing.

The biggest companies in the US are ripping off their employees. Again. We already skip days of our vacation and fear asking for a raise, because there are literally thousands of people outside… Continue reading

Red State Kansas Going Blue, Gov. Brownback Losing

The governor who would be king, Sam Brownback, had a grand experiment. Kansas was his alpha test of a government-so-small-you-can-drown-it-in-the-bathtub. The plan for him was to leap from Kansas to president of the… Continue reading

Michael Savage’s Ugly Talk About President Obama

Michael Savage of talk show fame has found yet another way to disrespect President Obama. I know that has become popular to a significant segment of the population, but I think it’s a… Continue reading