Ebola: Here Is Why We Should Be Worried But Not Panicked

Update: The Dallas medical center now says the computer system was not at fault for the Ebola patient being returned to his home for two days. It did not give the actual reason. I… Continue reading

We Paid For 5 Hidden Bank Bailouts (VIDEO)

The man handed President George W. Bush the one-page paper that would halt the global financial meltdown, a paper that any junior-high teacher would grade “F”. Henry (Hank) Paulson, Federal Reserve Chair, is… Continue reading

Williamson Agitates Conservatives To Hang Women Who Have Abortions (VIDEO)

Women who have an abortion should be executed by hanging. What terrible words. Yet Kevin Williamson, conservative National Review writer, said them in a Twitter exchange with Charles Johnson founder of liberal Little… Continue reading

Ebola Strikes American NBC News Journalist (VIDEO)

An NBC News freelance television writer and cameraman (33) working on site in Liberia has tested positive for Ebola. The network will fly him back to the U.S. for treatment on Sunday, his father… Continue reading


100 People Exposed To Ebola In Dallas As many as 100 people were exposed to the Ebola virus in Dallas and are being monitored. A man lied about caring for anyone who had… Continue reading


BREAKING NEWS: Julia Pierson, Secret Service Director, Resigns  One day after Pierson appeared before the House’s National Security Oversight Committee, she resigned. Reporters discovered three significant breaches of security. Gonzalez broke into the… Continue reading

Secret Service’s Needs Badass Director (VIDEO)

A misguided and seriously mentally ill man with a serrated knife invaded the White House this week, a place that is sacred and sacrosanct. I feel betrayed by this event, but not by… Continue reading

The Disappearing Aral Sea, Fourth-Largest Lake In The World At One Time (VIDEO)

It was once the fourth-largest lake in the world. But not any longer. The lake is located on the border between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. NASA released satellite images that show half of the lake… Continue reading

Watch Video Footage Of Secret Service Doing A Take-Down Right (VIDEO)

The Secret Service is sick. First we find out that this Gonzalez guy got into the White House carrying a serrated knife, but the guards took him down in the entry hall. Then we… Continue reading