5 Biggest Jeb Bush Lies: Madeleine Albright Tells All About Iraq War End

50 Ukrainian Ducklings Confiscated, Burned, Russian Border Security Watchdog Says

By Gloria Christie on August 18, 2015 Categories: Crime, Politics What did these 50 baby ducks ever do to Russia? How could the Russians kill them after they were smuggled into the country… Continue reading

Mama Robots Building Baby-Bots, Perfect Robotics Job

By Gloria Christie on August 17, 2015 Categories: Culture, Science, Tech, Women Imagine a mama robot cloning herself into a whole family of bots. Thank goodness that can’t happen…or can it? Mama-Bots’ Robotics… Continue reading

Amazon Grinds Up Employees’ Bones With Sustainable Business Model From Hell

By Gloria Christie on August 17, 2015 Categories: Culture, WTF? Walk into any Amazon meeting, and you are likely to find body parts strewn about the room. The corporation’s employees are rewarded for… Continue reading

Watch These Navajo Activists Chase John McCain Off Their Land (VIDEO)

By Gloria Christie on August 17, 2015 Categories: Politics, Republican Watch Optimized by Komoona e Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) run. John McCain runs fast. Why is John McCain running? The senator is as… Continue reading

Sanders Calling Out Republicans For Mano-A-Mano Debate To Expose GOP Agenda Definition

By Gloria Christie on August 14, 2015 Categories: Politics, Republican Watch would marry Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in a hot minute if he was not already married – at least in my dreams. My… Continue reading

Awesomely Funny Political Campaign Advertising – Greatest Ever!

By Gloria Christie on August 12, 2015 Categories: Politics, Republican Watch Oh wow….are our politicians boring or what? But what may be the greatest political ad of all time is whizzing around the… Continue reading

3-Year-Old Left Behind After Family Stopped To Rest-Definition Of Bad Trip

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3 Teen Girls Raped During 2015 By NYPD Officers, Criminal Lawyers Busy

By Gloria Christie on August 10, 2015 Categories: Crime, Women Teenage girls in New York need to be wary. What on earth is going on with the New York Police Department? This is… Continue reading

8 Hillarious Old People Trading Sound Bites With GOP Debaters (VIDEO)